We love animals and want to spread our love to the world. If you haven't yet guessed, our favorite animal of all is the Gecko! Which is of course why we are called The Gecko Dekko.

The Gecko Dekko is a great place to get the accessories you need and love to express your wild side to others!

I'm Wyatt, the manager of The Gecko Dekko, and I want to tell you how this all started. Life long pets of mine, Squirmy and Traya, are my 2 favorite leopard geckos. They have inspired me, and helped me sit through long hours by chillin' and keeping me company. Without them I wouldn't be typing this very sentence.

Now I know you might be wondering...

The Gecko Dekko? How odd?

Actually, "dekko" is slang for a look or glance.

Oh ok, now it's starting to come together.

Well, there you have it!

Eww is that a worm?

(I'm surprised you scrolled down this far...)